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    The original goal was to have the next generation of the Cashflow app completed and available to users in 2015Q3. Due to the problems arising from the trademark dispute with Cashflow Technologies, this was delayed substantially. The new goal, is to have the new product available in 2016Q4.
    Development Concerns
    With the future of the "Cashflow" product in the hands of the legal system, it's unknown when or if we'll have the green light to use the name again for our current and future products. To avoid further issues, the next generation of the Cashflow product will not be named Cashflow, at least initially. For now we're using the name "NDL Finance". Several aspects of the application are highly dependent on both the application name and the package name. Naturally, we want to make the transition between the original versions of Cashflow and NDL Finance as seamless as possible.
    Primary Differences
    The biggest difference between NDL Finance and the Cashflow apps is that there will no longer be a paid and advertising supported version of the application. As a developer, you have three basic models for monetizing your software:
    1. Paid applications - Users pay a one time fee to purchase the app, then get updates and support for the life of the app. This works well for certain apps, but limits adoption and does not help pay the developer for ongoing improvements and updates.
    2. Free, advertising supported applications - Users don't pay a fee for the application, but are displayed advertisements for which the developer gets paid a small commission when a user clicks on an advertisement, and an even smaller commission when the user is simply displayed an advertisement.
    3. Subscription based applications - Users pay an ongoing fee for a subscription. This generates recurring revenue for the developer, but ultimately costs the user more money.
    The Cashflow apps were offered in both free and paid versions with the paid version including several additional features. This was a cumbersome model as the developer had to maintain two versions of the app, literally making the same change in two places every time a change was made.

    NDL Finance will be offered as a free, advertising supported application with a subscription option. All features will be available to non-subscribing users with the exception of the syncing feature which will use NDL's cloud based servers. Free users will have all of the features previously offered in the paid version of the Cashflow app. We expect the subscription model to be tiered with several payment options. The specifics haven't been determined, but we expect something like this:

    • Tier 1 - Cloud data sync for 1 device w/ web access
    • Tier 2 - Tier 1 + multiple device syncing
    • Tier 3 - Tier 1 + no advertisements displayed in the app
    • Tier 4 - Tier 2 + no advertisements displayed in the app
    Pricing hasn't been determined yet either. Please feel free to weigh in on your opinion. We're thinking that the first tier would be about $10-15/year.
    New Features & Changes
    • Complete re-write and code review
    • No paid version, free advertising supported with subscription options to remove ads
    • No more local backup or data export features (Dropbox backup has been retained)
    • Multiple configurable widgets available rather than a single widget like in the paid version of Cashflow
    • Cloud data sync & backup
    • Web data access w/Import, Export, and Reporting features
    • Tablet support
    • Possible translation options for non-English users (please weigh in on languages you would like to see offered)

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